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Financial Technology

Growth Strategy: Robo Adivsory goes Europe Robo advisory has just started to impact wealth management but euphoria has been transformed into realism. With financial institutions entering the market more and more competition increases and paves the way for the next evolutionary step. Moneyfarm and Vaamo have actively taken up the challenge. Click here to download

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Fab20 Staffing 2018

Fabulous 20 Staffing 2018 in the Netherlands- Fifth edition

The Capitalmind Fabulous 20 Staffing 2018 shows the 20 fastest growing staffing companies in the Netherlands.

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FinTech Sector and M&A Report

Digital transformation of payments There are major shifts occurring in the payments industry: new payments players are changing the way the market thinks and operates, as well as incumbents realigning themselves for future growth. Market consolidation is accelerating, which is creating scaled international specialists and regional champions, underpinned by excellent industry fundamentals – in retail

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E-Commerce Report

Sector and M&A Report The e-commerce market is being disrupted after a period of relatively easy growth between 2010 and 2015, as increasingly dominant market players and rising customer acquisition costs reduce margins and win market share from independent e-commerce shops. It’s imperative that these businesses reach customers more directly, and M&A is often an

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