Financial Technology

Growth Strategy: Robo Adivsory goes Europe Robo advisory has just started to impact wealth management but euphoria has been transformed into realism. With financial institutions entering the market more and more competition increases and paves the way for the next evolutionary step. Moneyfarm and Vaamo have actively taken up the challenge. Click here to download

Großes Interesse strategischer Investoren an In- und Exterieuranbietern

Capitalmind Analyse: 22 Akquisitionen in 2017 – Strategische Investoren schielen auf Interieurfirmen In den vergangenen drei Jahren haben vor allem strategische Investoren großes Interesse an In- und Exterieuranbietern gezeigt. Sie waren in diesem Zeitraum an insgesamt 83 Prozent aller Transak­tionen beteiligt, so eine aktuelle Analyse, die der Automobilwoche exklusiv vorliegt. Von Klaus-Dieter Flörecke Preview article

Capitalmind ranks among the top 3 mid-market M&A firms

      Once again, the French magazine Leader’s League distinguished Capitalmind for its excellence in mid-market transactions. Capitalmind was ranked among the top 3 players in 2018 out of 40 advisories in France, within three categories: M&A – Energy and Infrastructure sector (Small & Mid Cap) Best M&A advisory firm for transactions between €20

FinTech Sector and M&A Report

Digital transformation of payments There are major shifts occurring in the payments industry: new payments players are changing the way the market thinks and operates, as well as incumbents realigning themselves for future growth. Market consolidation is accelerating, which is creating scaled international specialists and regional champions, underpinned by excellent industry fundamentals – in retail

Valuations in the middle market, interview by “Die Unternehmervertrauten” magazine

Transactions often fail on lack of preparation and unrealistic valuation expectations… “We see many middle market owners and international buyers enter discussions without proper preparation and thus encounter high transaction risk“ says Wilhelm Bollmann, Bollmann, Spielmann & Kollegen. A company sale needs to be well prepared: what am I selling, what is nature of the

E-Commerce Report

Sector and M&A Report The e-commerce market is being disrupted after a period of relatively easy growth between 2010 and 2015, as increasingly dominant market players and rising customer acquisition costs reduce margins and win market share from independent e-commerce shops. It’s imperative that these businesses reach customers more directly, and M&A is often an

M&A 2017 in Western/Northern Europe

Strong domestic market, US and UK leading international markets M&A activity is at a high level with some 4,000 transactions in Capitalmind’s home markets Benelux, France, Germany and the Nordics. Almost 60% of deals occur within our region, only 10 countries lead internationally. Capitalmind is well placed to represent its clients in Europe on a

M&A Market Germany 2017

Highly attractive German M&A market M&A activity is rising since years. The market is fueled by lots of liquidity coming from equity and debt providers at low rates and an excellent economic outlook  – even in times of conflicts on tariffs and Brexit. Valuations came down since 2015 showing uncertainties but are still high with

Industrial Technology

Customers trust us for advice on buying, selling and financing “We see considerable activity across all segments of the sector. Creating end-to-end services, internationalizing the footprint and digitization are drivers of over 250 transactions p.a. globally in this attractive sector.” Click here to download the PDF file.

Automotive Interiors & Exteriors

Consolidation continues for Automotive Interiors & Exteriors Automotive Interiors & Exteriors continues to benefit from strong industry trends, such as greater emphasis on vehicle differentiation and the integration of additional features. The global market is forecasted to grow by CAGR of 3.3%, reaching €316bn by 2020. Consolidation continues to race along in the Interiors &