Fabulous 40 Staffing Industry 2014 – First edition

The Fabulous 40 Staffing report is a ranking which charts the growth of the 40 fastest growing Staffing companies in the Netherlands.

Capitalmind released the first edition of the Fabulous 40 in the Staffing Industry, which was established in cooperation with Flexnieuws. The companies in this annually recurring Fabulous 40 ranking are selected based on their average growth over the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. This Fab40 shows that companies in particularly the Payroll and Professional Staffing segments show highest growth in comparison with other companies in the Staffing Industry. Xelvin came out as the absolute winner, with an average revenue growth of 65% during those three years.

Download a copy of our Fabulous 40 Staffing Industry (2014) here