Field Crops: global perspectives for French Companies in a volatile market

Capitalmind, together with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, has just published a new sector report relating to global field crops. This report entitled ‘Field Crops: global perspectives for French Companies in a volatile market’ analyses French Field Crops market key features and reviews strategic positioning options for French Field Crops actors in light of global market considerations.

The key findings of this research are:

  • French farmers produce EUR 18 billion of field crops (market value), transformation creates 27% of additional value, i.e. EUR 7 billion & sugar beet alone represents more than a third of this added value
  • Achieving 50% of value growth would require at least EUR 5 billion of additional added value to compensate EUR 2 billion of subsidy reduction, international completion and additional regulations.
  • Green chemistry aims at drastically reducing the environmental impact of chemistry. Biomass conversion, valorization of wastes, bio-based polymers are only a few among the numerous subjects addressed by Green chemistry
  • In a fast-moving environment, defining and implementing the right strategies will be key to benefit from the massive changes expected on the French Field Crops market, M&A being one of the key tools to capture part of the positive impacts foreseen.

Download a copy of the sector report here