Fabulous Forty Industrial Markets 2011 – First edition: 40 fastest growing Industrial companies

The Fabulous 40 Industrial Markets survey is the survey which charts the growth of companies active in the Industrial Markets segment in the Netherlands. The very first study for the fastest growing companies in this segment is a BlueMind initiative and is published in PT Industrial Management. The figures relate to the period 2007, 2008 and 2009 and are based on data which the companies themselves deposited with the Chamber of Commerce. In these years Shipyard De Hoop booked an average annual increase in total revenues of 64% and Veth Propulsion realized an increase in total revenues of 50%. A very good performance, considering the fact that 2008 and 2009 characterised the deepest recession for the Western world since the 1930’s.

Managing partner Bart Jonkman of BlueMind says that it is ‘remarkable’ that the shipbuilding and climate engineering sectors are so prominently represented in the first Fabulous 40 Industrial Markets. Also remarkable is that 15 of the 40 companies were involved in a merger or acquisition.. That high number is not surprising to Jonkman: ‘companies abroad are very interested in takeovers in the Netherlands and many Dutch industrial companies are already owned by foreign companies.’ The PT Fabulous 40 Industrial Markets also indicates that, in 16 of the 40 companies, private equity was involved as investor.

Dutch companies in the manufacturing industry still have plenty of opportunities for growth. As long as they focus themselves on the international market. The manufacturing companies that do this will have the best opportunity for financing by private equity. And capital is a condicio sine qua non for rapid growth. The strength of Dutch industrial activities does not go unnoticed abroad. For example, Micron Technology acquired Numonyx in 2010. A foreign buyer was involved in approximately one third of all transactions in the Dutch industry over the past few years. But the Netherlands are also very welcome in abroad.

Download a copy of our Fabulous 40 – first edition (2011) here