Global Cleantech Sector Report 2012

Cleantech is a shortened form of clean technologies. We define cleantech as those activities relating to renewable power generation, which includes wind farms, solar, hydro, waste to energy, geothermal, biogas, biomass and tidal. Our report also includes information and transactions relating to energy efficiency and resource management: recycling, air & environment management, energy infrastructure, water treatment /conservation.

In this report we surveyed owners and senior executives within cleantech sector organisations and private equity investors worldwide. Also, we conducted interviews with our sector experts within the Mergers Alliance partnership in the various countries. We have included tables of recent transactions where the target company is located in the country under review. Additionally, we provide an overview of the cleantech sector as a whole, highlighting the market structure as well as commenting on the key trends and the factors influencing M&A. We provide our own insight on how we think the market might play out over the coming 18 months and attempt to identify key investment opportunities. We also provide a summary of two government policies from each country that we believe has, or will, influence M&A activity in cleantech.

Download a copy of our Cleantech 2012 Sector report here