Maiwand Salah


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T +31(0)73 623 8774
F +31(0)73 623 8775

Maiwand is an Analyst at Capitalmind and joined the company in 2018. He has almost two years of prior corporate finance experience from internships, including one at Capitalmind.

Maiwand has advised on several (crossborder) deals, naturally in multiple sectors including – but not limited to – TMT, Business Services and Consumer. His main responsibilities include advising on sell-side transactions, funding, MBOs and company acquisitions.

Besides Dutch, Maiwand is fluent in English, Farsi and Urdu.

Maiwand is the founder of Tilburg Trading Club (TTC). The largest student investor association active on the campus of Tilburg University. The association consists of students that maintain a portfolio of stocks, options and other related financial products. Maiwand has also served as chairman of Enactus Tilburg, overseeing several entrepreneurial projects focused on sustainability.