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2017 : a flying start

It has been an active and eventful year, so far: we have closed 37 deals across our European offices; recruited several high-level dealmakers to add to our already strong sector-based teams; published 11 sector reports; and received 8 industry awards.

But none of this matters without the loyal and continued support of our clients. This business is a team game that requires hard, diligent and fiercely focused work from all.

Selected 2017 H1 transactions

Latest Insights

Our competitive edge is created by deep insight into the industries in which we operate and our knowledge of the trends and activities that affect our clients.


Beauty brands
Beauty is now in ‘the eye of the acquirers’
The M&A market for beauty products has reached a tipping point…
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FinTech reboots financial services. In a few short years, FinTech has gone from a niche industry to one of the fastest growing…
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Industrial technology
Globalization and the rise of ‘smart manufacturing’
The European industry for Industrial Machinery leads the world …
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Sporting Goods
Sports retail raises the bar. Sporting goods retail continues to benefit from strong macro tailwinds, as people…
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Financing the future
Piles of cash for mid-market companies in Western Europe  alternative capital providers and international banks keen to lend…
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Bakery & Pastry
Getting a rise out of bakery. It’s been a big year for M&A in European Bakery, with close to half of all reported deals worldwide…
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We’ve received many industry awards within a few months and are also very proud to be mentioned in the Top Ten ranking for mid market financial advisors by Thomson Reuters!