Blumenbecker Technik GmbH sold business department ”HUBMEISTER” to Zweiweg

Client Blumenbecker Technik is part of the Blumenbecker Group and provides a customized service for cranes, door systems, lifting tables and much more
Deal Type Sell-side (asset deal)
Sector Industrials
Deal The “HUBMEISTER” brand and the related intellectual property were sold to Germany-based road-rail vehicle manufacturer Zweiweg Verwaltung GmbH, which is part of the ZAGRO Group

What we did

  • Developed detailed understanding of the brand and the intellectual property
  • Compiled a comprehensive list of buyers
  • Approach of selected buyers to get a detailed understanding of their interests and strategies
  • Prepared all documentation from teaser to fact book
  • Due Diligence coordination and Q&A, input for LOI/SPA
  • Managed the entire process and finalized negotiations