Verkoop van T-Systems France aan Novia Systems

2013-Tsystem-ENG Client T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom)
Deal Type Sell-Side Advisory (Carve out)
Sector TMT / Business services
Deal Deutsche Telekom group disposed T-Systems France Systems Integration business (application IT Services operations) to DACP Group

What we did:

  • Worked closely with Deutsche Telekom group to structure a sales process that took into account all the key criteria of Deutsche Telekom and organize an efficient and highly competitive auction process within a very short timeframe
  • Provided effective day-to-day operational support to organize and execute a complex carve-out through an asset deal, as T-Systems France operations were spread over 5 regional footprints
  • Distinguished ourselves by our knowledge of the industry and experience of divesting non core businesses from large groups, in particular regarding structuring, transaction preparation, process execution, anticipation of problems, French social process management. This deal emphasizes Capitalmind’s ability to work closely with international clients and deliver complex transactions requiring strong experience and technical background in a time-constrained environment