Fabulous 40 Food & Drink 2015 – Sixth edition

The Fabulous 40 survey is the survey which charts the growth of the 40 fastest Food & Drink companies in the Netherlands. We compiled this new and annual recurring ranking in cooperation with Elsevier Foodmagazine, based on revenue growth numbers between 2011 and 2013. The Fab40 shows that turnover has risen by more than 10 percent on average at fourteen Dutch food companies. Circumstances are looking good for the top sector of the Dutch domestic food industry, it seems. Plukon is the winner, with average annual growth of more than 30 percent over three years.

The top-10 has been able to achieve more than 10 percent revenue growth and the top-3 has actually achieved over 20 percent revenue growth. These numbers are average growth numbers over the years 2011-2013, years in which the annual figures have been submitted. A strategic acquisition is always positive for growth, but private-labellers like Van Loon and Merba are quietly and autonomously also good for the top-3 of fastest growing companies.

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