Global Packaging Industry: industry and M&A report

The packaging industry is experiencing solid growth, especially in plastics, in a fragmented sector from which strong leaders are emerging to address future challenges. This research on the global packaging industry, issued by Capitalmind in June 2015, outlines key trends within the industry and identifies the drivers behind M&A activity in the sector moving forward. Key observations from our research:

  • Strong growth in packaging;
  • Paper and board packaging is the largest segment in size, but plastic packaging has the strongest growth prospects;
  • Plastic packaging waste is a concern;
  • Shale gas, plus recent oil price declines are changing the game;
  • Consolidation is a key requirement for European producers to improve scale benefits, R&D and innovation spend, plus purchasing power.

Download the executive summary of the report.

The full report is available on request by sending a mail to the Packaging team.