Carve out

Capitalmind provides clients with detailed advisory on divestment decisions – divisions, business units and subsidiaries.

We develop and customize the best carve-out approach for your business. We have successfully closed a large number of deals in this space. Our senior advisors are experienced in all phases of the divestiture process. Our broad range of services therefore includes, but is not limited to:

  • Definition and evaluation of sales options, and definition of the carve-out plan
  • Financial analysis on the proposed carve-out plan
  • ‘Pre-screening’ and approaching potential buyers/investors
  • Support during the preparation of materials phase, and exchange with potential buyers/investors
  • Formulation of a compelling business plan that attracts investors
  • Other services: including project management, data room services, etc.

T-Systems sold French systems integration business to Novia:

“The Capitalmind team was key to the successful divesture willing to go the extra mile.”
Jürgen Kohr, M&A Deutsche Telekom

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